#Lift the Siege

We’ve all seen, or have yet to see the images bombarded on facebook, twitter, and other social media sites that show the gruesome and brutal photographs of innocent Palestinian civilians in pieces. I know that for many, it may feel like this is just a night mare and not reality, but we are wrong, so gravely wrong. What we are seeing is the reality of an entire population who was first denied their homes, and only allowed 10% of their land (Gaza strip and West Bank). Over the years, we have witnessed the brutal massacres of the Palestinian people (ethnic cleansing). For many years we have ignored the cries and pleas of children. We’ve watched so many children squirm in pain as white phosphorus landed on  their beautiful healthy skin. We’ve watched mothers and children being held at gun point by IDF soldiers. We’ve witnessed through the media and live reports of journalists who’ve gone their the gruesome reality of mothers giving birth to dead babies because they were denied entry into certain places. We’ve heard of the Rafah gates being closed in on Palestinians looking to cross the boarder to Egypt. Just recently we’ve witnessed the Al Badsh family massacred in large numbers. Eighteen of their family members were bombarded and left for dead, and that’s exactly what happened- they were killed- murdered. It was agonizing to see the photos of the remaining children of the Al Badsh family crying in agony, leaning against a car with their head up to the sky- with tears rolling down their cheeks. The pain of those children was so evident on their faces that reality could not be denied any more. The world is slowly waking up, and many demonstrations have taken place, but Palestinians cannot wait any longer. They are not given the time to wait. As their enemy brutally bombs them, and claims of giving them a warning by bombing them with smaller bombs, as their enemy allows them only three minutes to escape- and to escape what?- a missile that is designed to out run them, to hover over them and suck the life out of them, and end the life of a child enjoying himself at a beach as he kicks around a ball. This my friends is inhumane, it’s belligerence at its best. It’s murder at its highest stage. It’s intentional ethnic cleansing at such an astonishing level. It’s DISGUSTING, DISTURBING, AND INHUMANE. This issue deserves our attention. It is no longer a Palestinian/Israeli conflict as it is referred to. It is not a conflict at all, because in a conflict it means that both sides are fighting at equal level of power. This is MURDER- GENOCIDE. It is a movement meant to kill Palestinians. If we choose to ignore this reality then know that tomorrow it will be our turn, and humanity won’t side with us then when we are the ones being bombarded, murdered, and ethnically cleansed. Let’s be law abiding citizens and lift the siege from Palestine. Let’s lift the siege from Gaza. Let’s lift this state of misery from the shoulders of the innocent who are bombarded. Let’s stop giving excuses as to why Israel can continue doing what it’s doing. Obama was mistaken, and so are his colleagues. Israel does not have the right to defend itself- it’s the Palestinians who ought to be given the right to defend themselves because they are the ones being occupied, oppressed, bombarded left and right, and not being given a day to sit and relax because they constantly have to wonder when their house will be bombed. It’s people like Dr. Khamees- a paramedic who tries to save lives, only to find out they’re too late. What’s worse, that the family they were called to were his own. Let’s bring back humanity. Let’s lift this siege- TOGETHER

to help the hospitals there, donate to this campaign: http://www.justgiving.com/1pound4gaza



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