The Last utterance…

It can be deceiving. That’s what hurts the most. This life is deceiving and we fall for its deception. We fall for the glimmering moments and the fading memories of a life not meant to be eternal. We live our whole lives working towards the most costly of homes, the highest paying careers, the highest degrees in education- we live for life, and we feel entitled to life. We carry on with our lives as if death can be put on hold. Too often, we forget that the moment we are living could be our last in this life, and soon we may be a part of another world, entirely built on the seeds we planted (good/bad deeds). We assure ourselves that it’ll be the last time we listen to the new song, or the new movie that came out. We have a sense of guarantee that we will travel some day to hajj and that all of our sins will be atoned. Our minds can imagine others being lifeless but our own selves. We forget that the next person to lie on the table of the deceased, being shrouded and prepared for the burial, being supplicated for to be forgiven of their sins could be US. Picture for a moment lying on that cold metal table made of silver. Picture yourself unable to move, your hands no longer washing your own body, but others hands washing your body- from head to toe. Picture yourself for a moment lying on that table with musk being prepared to wash you, and your family crying unconsolably for y our loss. Picture for a moment when the shrouds cover your very being- your face covered, your nostrils and ears being stuffed with cotton, your stomach pressed upon to clear the fluids from your body, your arms and legs being lifted by others so as to assure themselves they’ve bathed you right. PICTURE for a moment the reality of you being carried to the grave, to be left there alone and only your deeds remaining with you. What choices would you have made if given the opportunity to live life over again? What decisions would you have altered if brought back to life again? what deeds would you eliminate and which deeds would you increase? What home would you build and what bank account would you allow to overflow?- This life or the akhirah? Now, feel your heart. It’s beating. You’re alive. You have an opportunity the deceased can no longer obtain. What would you want your last utterance to be?- The lyrics to a song, or the verses of the Quran? Now’s an opportunity you are not guaranteed to see again, let your choices allow you to build a beautiful home in paradise. Let your dream be the eternal comfort of the akhirah- Jannah (paradise).


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