Different Lenses

Life is not all roses, and diamonds. It comes with hardships. You will face both good days,and what many call, “bad days.” But I beg to differ. There is no “bad day.” It is our negative, paranoid minds that like to label a day full of struggles as “bad.” How about we look at life with different lenses. In a sense, when we insult days, and times, we are insulting the Creator. We can turn use the hardships in our lives to look at life in a positive manner. Few days ago, I had a conversation with a co-worker. He asked me, “how come you didn’t show up for work?”- and I responded, “I was sick.” He then went on to explain that I should say instead of sick, “I was not feeling well.” His argument was that since God is perfect, and since God doesn’t want harm for his “daughters” ( the co-worker and I do not share the same faith) – that it would be wrong to say that I was sick as opposed to I was unwell, because in my statement, “I was sick” he felt as though I was blaming God. I then said to him, “but being sick is not a bad thing. It’s actually a positive.” He was more than boggled by this statement, and was curious enough to ask what I meant. I said, “Well, in our faith, we try to look at things from a positive angle. My being sick wipes out my sins. Therefore, every time I feel pain,I am in a sense rewarded.” He was astonished by this, and thought about it for a while. He walked away reflecting upon it, and seeing a new perspective. The point of this anecdote is to have people think positively about all situations in life. Sometimes, we are so tired and in so much pain, that we just can’t be patient at all. However, we have to continuously remind ourselves that there are positive means in what we perceived to be negative. So next time you are going through a hardship, be sure to reflect and smile, because your illness/struggle/hardship does not go to waste. Don’t waste the opportunity by cursing the days and nights in your life, and by complaining about your hardships. Keep on smiling- it’s absolutely a sunnah! =)



Thoughts of my final abode

asalamu alaykum – the akhirah (afterlife) is a thought that many of us run away from. If an individual brings up the akhirah, death, or the grave, we instantly get upset with them and we ask them to please not mention it “now.” Our excuse is that, “I just want to enjoy my day.” However, I think it is very beneficial to think of the akhirah, death, the grave and so forth. Some of us immediately assume that if someone brings up the topic of death, or the final abode that they might possibly be suicidal. Let’s learn the symptoms and differences between suicidal individuals and just individuals who are pondering about the akhirah. It’s beneficial for us to ponder over the akhirah because it will remind us of our true and eternal homes after death. Death is inevitable- not a soul among us can escape it, run away from it, or live beyond our ending time. So let’s take a turn, embrace the idea of akhirah with all our hearts, improve our statuses, and sow the seeds of goodness now in order to reap the rewards in the hereafter. This is daarul ‘amal (home of deeds/work) and akhirah is daarul jazaa (home of rewards). I have feelings towards the akhirah that words can’t describe. May Allah make among the inhabitants of jannah, and among those whom Allah is pleased with. amiin. 


Hardships- Opportunities in Disguise

On our journey through this world we come across hardships and obstacles. Difficulties are not meant to bar us from enjoying life; rather to learn valuable lessons that will help transform us. The difficulties, hardships, obstacles, and rejections we encounter are preparing us for yawmul qiyamah (hereafter). We can take the hardships provided for us to transform us and help us reflect on the akhirah- the afterlife, rather than sulking in deep sorrow, pouting, losing hope, and becoming immensely depressed over worldly issues. Our Creator (Allah) has prepared two destinations for all of humankind, which we choose by our intentions and actions- Jannah ama Jahanam (paradise or hell fire). We can choose to see difficulties as opportunities in disguise that lead us to our eternal home of paradise, or we can choose to curse life everyday viewing our difficulties as burdens. We can choose to see hardships as a source of attaining reward by persevering and practicing patience, or we can  become doubtful, depressed and impatient, therefore leading us to the pathway of jahanam. 

so you got rejected by the man/woman of your dreams? you were walked out on by your spouse or spouse-to-be? Of what value are they for your world to revolve around them? Of what value do they attain for you to lose your akhirah for him or her?

A beloved one was lost? Yes, it’s painful, atrocious, and deeply wounds us all. But we have got to accept that death is inevitable. We must accept death as a reality, make dua for our lost loved ones and pursue life with patience and gratitude. 

Listen dear sister/brother. Don’t allow the dunyah (world) to drown you, defeat you, or beat you down to a level you can’t get back up from. This world is our temporary abode not our permanent residence. All that you love you shall be granted if you remain patient. 

“oh Allah do not make the world our biggest concern,”