Different Lenses

Life is not all roses, and diamonds. It comes with hardships. You will face both good days,and what many call, “bad days.” But I beg to differ. There is no “bad day.” It is our negative, paranoid minds that like to label a day full of struggles as “bad.” How about we look at life with different lenses. In a sense, when we insult days, and times, we are insulting the Creator. We can turn use the hardships in our lives to look at life in a positive manner. Few days ago, I had a conversation with a co-worker. He asked me, “how come you didn’t show up for work?”- and I responded, “I was sick.” He then went on to explain that I should say instead of sick, “I was not feeling well.” His argument was that since God is perfect, and since God doesn’t want harm for his “daughters” ( the co-worker and I do not share the same faith) – that it would be wrong to say that I was sick as opposed to I was unwell, because in my statement, “I was sick” he felt as though I was blaming God. I then said to him, “but being sick is not a bad thing. It’s actually a positive.” He was more than boggled by this statement, and was curious enough to ask what I meant. I said, “Well, in our faith, we try to look at things from a positive angle. My being sick wipes out my sins. Therefore, every time I feel pain,I am in a sense rewarded.” He was astonished by this, and thought about it for a while. He walked away reflecting upon it, and seeing a new perspective. The point of this anecdote is to have people think positively about all situations in life. Sometimes, we are so tired and in so much pain, that we just can’t be patient at all. However, we have to continuously remind ourselves that there are positive means in what we perceived to be negative. So next time you are going through a hardship, be sure to reflect and smile, because your illness/struggle/hardship does not go to waste. Don’t waste the opportunity by cursing the days and nights in your life, and by complaining about your hardships. Keep on smiling- it’s absolutely a sunnah! =)